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What Our Clients Are Saying


I have enjoyed working with Patrick and his team. Patrick always kept me updated on all aspects of the loan and was very responsive to emails/calls. Highly recommended!


Patrick has been absolutely great to work with during the refinancing process of my northern Florida home. He has provided immediate responses to my
questions throughout the process and has accommodated all of my special requests along the way. I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone in the area thinking of buying or refinancing. I’d like to give him a 10 (out of 5)!


Ultimately did not refinance because HELOC lender was unwilling to resubordinate to first mortgage due to reduced property value (seems to be a familiar theme). Patrick was extraordinarily professional, responsive, accommodating and knowledgeable, and I was sorry we were unable to consummate the deal. Would work with him again in the future without hesitation. Have already recommended his services to others.


These guys (and women) were EXCELLENT. They kept in constant contact with me during the loan process, always followed up on my questions and
were a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Patrick, Larry and Liz Keefauver and Derrick Mims to anyone. It was a great experience to work with people who take their service seriously and provide a fantastic service.


My one bid i had was not accepted but I am still looking. Patrick has been very helpful and has been keeping in touch with me on a regular basis.


It was a complicated investment property loan and we had several glitches……but eventually were able to close the loan. The original rate and fees
quoted were not able to be maintained due to loan to value issues because of the lower appraisal value caused by the poor real estate market. Very
frustrating……Patrick kept us informed throughout the process. I believe I received the best possible loan for my circumstances in the current real estate market.


I started my loan search while stationed in Afghanistan. Patrick went above and beyond to overcome the communication challenges associated with being
deployed. I was drawn to Patrick because he offered the best rate/fee package and was willing to match other offers. However, the reason I’m writing this critique is because of the outstanding service he provided throughout the entire process. In fact, the day before closing I discovered a roof leak in my new house. I was unwilling to sign the closing documents until it was fixed, but my rate lock expired that day and rates had gone up since I locked. In addition, SunTrust was spooked by word of the roof leak and wanted to void my entire loan. Patrick worked with the lender, real estate agents and contractor to find a solution. The repairs were made and Patrick paid the fees associated with delaying closing. I couldn’t be happier with the rate and service that he provided. If anyone would like more details of my experience with Patrick, please contact me at I will be glad
to provide pictures and emails documenting his efforts in helping me to buy my dream home, in my hometown, on the beach in sunny Florida.


My wife and I had an abnormally long closing window (75 days), and shopped extensively for our mortgage (a dozen GFE’s, 6 personal conversations
with brokers). We worked with Larry Keefauver out of the VanKeef office. VanKeef’s closing costs and rates were compared favorably to the rates we found from all other brokers and lenders. Throughout the process, Larry Keefauver was an excellent communicator, offering quick, consistent and detailed responses to our questions. Larry really helped to educate us on the process. In the end, we chose a local lender and some additional unique local incentives, and did not close with VanKeef. However, we had a very positive experience with VanKeef Financial, and I would recommend them to any perspective buyer.


The Company that did the closing for VanKeef Financial didn’t impress me at all. I had to print 133 pages of the closing documents because the agents
computer didn’t work.I’d of made sure that worked before i made the call. I should send them a bill for the paper & ink used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The rates Patrick quoted for our refinancing were great, and the transaction was very smooth. Some details needed to be adjusted at certain points, but that’s to be expected and disruption was minimal thanks to Patrick’s availability and responsiveness. I strongly recommend Patrick to you other people considering refinancing.


Patrick was great. He got us a great rate, was very patient in explaining everything clearly so that we could understand the whole process and then once we
felt comfortable he got everything wrapped up very quickly. This is such a complicated and intimidating process with so much money involved and we were so
glad to work with someone who we could trust. I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone.


These guys (and women) were EXCELLENT. They kept in constant contact with me during the loan process, always followed up on my questions and were a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Patrick, Larry and Liz Keefauver and Derrick Mims to anyone. It was a great experience to work with people who take their service seriously and provide a fantastic service.


Excellent service and rate – very responsive to questions and concerns


What a great experience. Every question and concern I had was addressed immediately. Everything went very smooth and they were on top of everything. I would recommend Patrick to all !


Great job. Everything went smoothly. I got a great interest on a 10 yr fixed refinance. We did everything by email which is most convenient for me since I
am on my computer every day. No wasted time with phone calls, leaving messages or any of that.


The customer service is great, Patrick as well as Rebecca is very professionals and although the underwriter was asking for the most unbelievable things, they stood on my side helping me with the requests and getting the loan close


very friendly service,quick response


Over all a good experiance. Got the rate I was quoted and the apr was very close to the quote. I would have been happier if the original quote for fees, the
good faith est. for closing cost and the final est for closing cost would have been closer, but I realize that is a little hard to do. The good faith est. and the final
settlement were very close and any small differeances were understandable and very well explained. Rebecca was very helpfull in answering questions and replying to emails and calls, I think she went out of her way to try and save me some money on costs. I would use them again.


A few bumps on the road as a result of my own underestimating the value of the home in today’s market and credit rating, however Patrick did some
hand holding and worked to get a workable loan that we could live with. Honest, responsive and professional. What more can you ask for.


Highly recommend Mr. Keefauver. Excellent service.

Just getting started but Patrick was extremely helpful in my understanding the process and options I have.

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